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Real reactions without real injuries.
The Crash without the Rash.
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Do you like falling off of your motorcycle?
Neither do we. Now, you don’t have to.


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The world’s only adjustable rider training device.
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The process of learning to ride a motorcycle needed a revamp. You’re welcome.

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We don’t think your students should have to get hurt to learn.  If the rider fails to control the bike and “crashes”, the safety wings inhibit the fall, stopping the event before the rider can hit the ground.

SKIDBIKE™ allows the future safe exploration and rider exposure to new electronic controls and safety technologies like ABS, Traction Control, and more, allowing for the best possible learning interface available.

Engineered to adjust tire grip through the electric ram and dual carriage system, SKIDBIKE™ allows the loss of the coefficient of friction, where speed and road conditions can be simulated.

Until now, the efforts to train riders with adequate core concepts and techniques were limited, as no commercially available “safe” training technology existed to solve the issue.  We’ve changed all of that.