Revolutionizing Motorcycle Rider Training

We have never been as pleased as we are today that our product, SKIDBIKE, is being described as a “Disruptive Training Technology”, revolutionizing the rider learning process.
The SKIDBIKE is the safest technology ever offered in the history of motorized 2‐wheel training. Many accidents that occur on training ranges across the globe daily, can be prevented or eliminated with SKIDBIKE. Not only does it make motorcycle training safer, but also reduces the required time commitment for student understanding.

Safety like never before.

SKIDBIKE features a patented Traction Control Device (TCD) attached to both the front and rear wheel. Used either together or separately, the TCDs give your instructors an aide never before available in rider training. Only SKIDBIKE offers the exclusive ability to adjust the front and rear tire grip to allow learning of not only the basics of motorcycle control techniques, but also to provide future exposure to new technologies like ABS, traction control, and Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC).

Student fear is a constant challenge to range instructors. When personal risk is removed, the fear is reduced, and learning to ride a motorcycle becomes a fun and exhilarating experience. Instructors are impressed with SKIDBIKE as they can use it to simply, quickly, and safely convey concepts that introduce the “Ah ha!” moment of understanding and acceptance by the new rider.

SKIDBIKE and its safety wings save the rider from disaster. When the rider makes a mistake, the event stops quickly with a push of the wireless controller button. The student rights the bike again and tries another time to master the exercise. No harm has come to either rider or motorcycle and learning can continue.


A Couple of Examples

Second only to vision, most professionals agree that braking is the most important component for rider safety. Learning proper front and rear braking techniques can be a hazardous experience. Threshold braking and the rider experience of tire lock up can’t be safely experienced in today’s training environment without SKIDBIKE.

When we balance the bike with both front and rear loss of grip, it showcases how important that measure of front wheel grip is. You’re sliding sideways, but now the front is losing grip. What do you do? This life‐saving, practical exposure has never before been SAFELY available in rider training.

Motorcycle control operation is another element SKIDBIKE can streamline. Friction zones, gear change and neutral selection, front and rear brake activation, switch operation, and more, can be learned statically without moving an inch. Low speed turns and figure 8 exercises which are critical for the new rider to understand, can be learned in complete safety with students experiencing the fail, but not the fall. When mistakes are made that normally would cause a rider to fall to the ground, our exclusive Safety Wings save the day. In these situations, the SKIDBIKE is “THE CRASH, WITHOUT THE RASH.”

How Does it Work?

The SKIDBIKE is engineered to adjust tire grip through the electric ram and independent dual carriage system. Safety wings that control the pre‐determined maximum degree of lean angle between 0 and 35 degrees are connected to an attachment bracket, which is mounted to the frame.

Through loss of the coefficient of friction, speed and road conditions are simulated. The G’s and speed are lowered so that if the rider fails to control the bike and “crashes”, the safety wings inhibit the fall, stopping the event before the rider can hit the ground or be thrown from the bike. Additionally, the Instructor operated SKIDBIKE Controller can cut engine power at the push of a button.

Who is it for?

SKIDBIKE offers professional motorcycle training schools, academies, and dealers a tool for training vital safety concepts and techniques to all riders.

With every use, the value of SKIDBIKE improves, from being an unequaled crowd pleaser at promotional events to successfully building confidence in those riders with little experience.

Check this out!

New Rider lessons:

  • Balance
  • Vision
  • Front brake control
  • Rear brake control
  • Dual brake control
  • Gear selection
  • Clutch activation
  • Friction zone concepts
  • Leaning


Experienced Rider practice exercises:

  • Balance
  • Vision
  • Front brake control
  • Rear brake control
  • Dual brake control
  • Gear selection
  • Clutch activation
  • Friction zone concepts
  • Leaning
  • Threshold of lock up, Front Brake
  • Threshold of lock up, Rear Brake
  • Counter-steering techniques
  • Throttle control:- On/off throttle with handle bar straight- Throttle control with handle bar pushed
  • What causes a Low Side
  • What causes a High Side
  • Low Side management and control
  • High Side Management and control
  • Proper rider body positioning

Why you want one….or heck, maybe even two…

SKIDBIKE™ is the world’s ONLY adjustable rider training device, and the best possible learning interface available.

The ROI is substantial for a number of different applications:

Attract more new student riders, because they can learn in safety without worry of the crash.

Motivate a new customer base of experienced riders who want to practice in ways never possible before.

Impress your risk management team and insurance agent by reducing falls and lowering injuries and damage.

The SKIDBIKE design lends itself to a multitude of uses, solidifying its value as the most effective and most realistic low speed training available today. As many of the popular rider training curriculums move to an online format, this active, hands‐on learning tool will be a perfect fit at the rider training area for critical knowledge and skills to be learned in reduced timeframes for maximum efficiency.

SKIDBIKE = 1 device and infinite possibilities.

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SKIDBIKE™ is manufactured by Cedergrens Mechanical in Klintehamn, Sweden.

Imported and distributed in the Western Hemisphere exclusively by

SKIDCAR SYSTEM, INC., a Nevada, USA Corporation.