SKIDBIKE™ is proud to offer Rider Airbag Vests and accessories as part of our complete motorcycle rider safety focus. Sturdy and well-constructed, these safety vests work faster than your brain can register you’ve lost contact with your bike!

Air Bag Vests to keep you safe while riding.Airbag Vests are differentiated by the technology hidden inside. Unlike competitor products that are just padded vests, these come fully-equipped with an airbag system built right in.

Using a key system to tether your vest to your bike, the Airbag Vest deploys within milliseconds of losing contact with your bike.  The airbags activate while you’re still in the air, before you hit the ground, and essentially creates a protective bubble around your vital organs, increasing your chances of walking away from a devastating accident.

Airbag Vests can be reset within 2 to 3 minutes of being deployed, making them an affordable, practical and reusable life-saving tool.

Don’t wait until you go through a devastating motorcycle crash to recognize the value of an airbag vest.  We want you to stay safe and walk away from unforeseen accidents.  It’s great for horse riders too!

To purchase yours, contact Safermoto in Reno, Nevada: or email them at

SaferMoto Airbag Safety Vest

Accessories for Air Bag Vests

Buckle Connector Holder (BUCK1)
Used to secure the end of the tether when the rider is not on the motorcycle.

Coiled Attachment Cable (Tether – CAC)
The same coiled cable as attached to the Hit-Air jacket and vest.

CO2 – 60cc Replacement (C0260CC)
Used in the following products: Jackets JP3, GS3, HS3, EU3, Motorrad.